Welcome to the SFY

SFY (Satisfaction for You) was established in 2008 where it is related to the company vision as to satisfy all business partners, employees, customers and suppliers. Humble start up at Selayang, Selangor with only 20 units of used car. Working hard towards the vision, the business continue to grow bigger with more than 40 units of car. Hopefully, in near future SFY will continue to provide more opportunities to all.

In 2012, the used car market was slowing down and the company has evolved and ventured to sell recon cars. Recon cars has better quality compared to local used cars other than to collaborate with the company vision. The venture towards the recon cars market has created more business opportunity to our suppliers and vendors.

In 2015, our service center has started to add on more value to our customers. All recon cars from the company will be given 2 years of warranty. Thus, the service center will enhance our tagline (satisfaction for you).

In the year of 2017, the company has formed up a new division, that is car rental and leasing. Again, the emerged of this new division has created more opportunity to our business partners, employees and suppliers.


To build a better platform and environment together for our business partner, employees and customers so that they are full with loving energy. To assist in improving the capabilities of every individual to become a potential entrepreneur.


Keeping and maintaining the right direction to attract the energy of wealth at every stage of our life while protecting our honest principle in treating all individuals.

Our Core Value

Defend the dignity and protect our partners

Our Practices

Creating a common understanding in what we can provide based on client needs

Why choose Us

Our list of inventories are sophisticated and high powered making it preferred by those who emphasized on comfort and quality in the car.

Trusted By Many

We have wide range of clients who provide their continuous support in our service.

Wide Selections

Our selections of cars are very focused and driven purpose. Therefore, our options are specific and tailored to those who come to us.

Efficient Process

Our process is quick and simple yet comprehensive. We ensure our clients will get the comfort of things done for them and will walk away with satisfaction.

Meet the Departmental Heads

Meet the professionals behind SFY who have established a strong name for the company

Christopher Chan

Head of Car Rental & Leasing Department

Andrew Cheah

Head of Recon Cars Department

Sunny Leong

Head of Used Cars Department

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